Thursday, September 09, 2010

Some people deserve to be promoted…

Some time ago I had the pleasure of meeting Hiren Dave, a filmmaker from India who seemed nice from the very beginning. After some conversations, I realized he was very interested in the Romanian culture and everything related to this country. Knowing that i had the chance to promote my country in a very special place – in India – I continued with the conversations and found that he was a filmmaker. After watching some of his creations, from which I can mention The Forbidden Story:

I figured out that he was a guy who deserved to be promoted.

Several months passed since we first talked and he decided to visit Romania. He first participated to a film festival in Tulcea and after that, he visited my town, Brasov. I felt very sorry for not meeting him in person. He told me had tried to contact me by phone, but for some reason, he failed.

We discuss almost daily now on messenger, we have so many interesting things to share and I am glad I met someone like him. Hiren Dave is a true pal! You rock, man!

Anyway, I decided to write about him after watching another video from his gallery. Here is the video, tell me what do you think:

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